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InciSioN is the International Student Surgical Network, and used to be formally known as the IFMSA's Global Surgery Working Group.

We are a collaboration of medical students from all over the world who have come together to discuss about, educate on, advocate for, and perform research in Global Surgery.

We will be providing regular content from our student members around the world, linking to new research and advocacy campaigns as well as providing a space for comments and discussions.

InciSioN 2017 Team:

Dominique Vervoort

Dominique Vervoort is an aspiring global cardiac surgeon and sees Global Surgery as the perfect combination of his two biggest passions in Medicine, being surgery and global health. As a result, Global Surgery has enriched his life in every possible way. He is the current co-coordinator of InciSioN and was Vice-President for External Affairs during the 2016 term. He is really excited to see the bright future that lies ahead for Global Surgery and InciSioN!

Zineb Bentounsi

Zineb Bentounsi is a final year medical student from Morocco. She is passionate about global health and surgery making Global Surgery the perfect mix for her. She loves working with people from all over the world and feels lucky to be part of this team. Last year, she held the Advocacy chair within InciSioN, and currently she is co-coordinator of InciSioN.

Eslam Fouda

Eslam Fouda is InciSioN's Treasurer, was the Vice-President for Internal Affairs for InciSioN during 2016, and was also a member of the IFMSA Global Surgery Working Group (2014-15).
He is a 7th year medical student from Egypt and a Local Committee President within IFMSA-Egypt.

Subteam Leaders


Cherine Zaïm (Canada)


Pablo Estrella (Ecuador)


Katayoun Seyedmadani (Grenada/USA)

 InciSioN Members

Advocacy team

Tom O'Donohoe (Australia)
Syeda Fatema Alam (Bangladesh)
Nermin Badwi (Egypt)
Beza Girma Tekleyohanes (Ethiopia)
Muna Rommaneh (Jordan)
Luis Doniz (Mexico)
Aliyu Ndajiwo (Nigeria)
Rebecca Mwambegele (Tanzania)
Josh Carlson (USA)

Education team

Geok Jim Lim (Australia)
Wiktor Pilch (Australia)
Barbara Pestana (Brazil)
Ashlee Matkin (Canada)
Ankit Raj (India)
Najwa Nadeem (Pakistan)
Isaac Ndayishimiye (Rwanda)
Enrique Acha (Spain)
Sawsan Zeinedin (Sudan)

Research team

Nayan Bhindi (Australia)
Helena Franco (Australia)
Xiya Ma (Canada)
Ruby Vassar (Grenada)
Charlene Chau Yat Che (Hong Kong)
Mohamed Sobhi Jabal (Morocco)
Maryam Ali Khan (Pakistan)
Tebian Hassanein Ahmed Ali (Sudan)
Sara Venturini (UK)

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